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Module D-Refresher Course

(8 hours annually for all guard card issuances before 07/01/04 or for those who have fulfilled the 32 hours)


This continued education may be a repeat of previous course(s), depending upon employee evaluation of skills and capabilities, AAPS or Client management recommendations or specific post placement and/or requirements.  Initial elective 4 hr. courses may be expanded in depth to 8 hr. courses to meet this annual requirement.



*Module B must be completed within 30 days of hiring. Module C is to be completed within 6 months of hiring and Module D must be taken every year.

*Each course is $100.00 in Riverside and West Covina.

*Live scan background check to the DOJ, FBI, and State of CA, can be done at the West Covina office only for $69.00.

*All Module A applicants are responsible for completing the online submission to the BSIS after the live scan and Module A course.

*All prices mentioned are for cash customers. There is a credit card fee for any card payments. Personal checks are not accepted.

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